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About MGLI

MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI) is an African quantitative-based leadership school formed in 2009 to play a pivotal role in building capacity for African youths by identifying, training and supporting talented, driven youth between 16 and 30 years who are keen on solving social problems and becoming leaders in their communities, country and beyond. At MGLI we believe that mathematical problem solving, motivation, leadership and creativity form the basis for social and economic upliftment for any community.
A mathematically savvy society that is solution oriented and driven has a higher probability of thriving compared to one that is not. We strive to empower African youth to be the captains of their destiny. MGLI was formed as a vehicle to reduce the deficit in mathematical thinkers who can answer some of Africa’s most pressing problems. Not enough emphasis has been placed on the exploratory side of mathematics coupled with leadership training. We seek to drive home the point that there is a systematic way of solving any problems.
At MGLI we invoke and unleash students’ ability to solve problem in various ways based on proven problem solving and decision-making frameworks.


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